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Posted 1 year, 8 months ago

Jerry David Hightower's phone number. Me, his wife, Sharon Larae Holliday Hightower, found it on his snapchat!!!! He's currently housed at the Bartow County Jail. So someone please tell me how he was able to get and keep a cell phone in their jail? Crooked cops and crooked husband, that's how. Ladies beware. ...he is a scam artist. He's broke and looking for someone to keep him up in jail He has been having a relationship with his ex girlfriend Windy Marie Hightower. She admits to me that she's been f*****g him and that David doesn't love me and never will. But. ..she wouldn't give me her new number or his cell number. How did I know about his cell phone? His google play service account. He told me to restore his google account and change his password 2 years ago. Since then, he's been so caught up with her and several other females, so much so, that he forgot that his real wife (me), is the one who restored his account and gave him the new password. He thought he could cheat and get away with it. LOL hahahaha. Ladies he is sooooo busted. Lmfao

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